OIM/Barge Supervisor & Ballast Control Operator Licensing

The "OIM/Barge Supervisor & Ballast Control Operator Licensing" Course is being offered by Gulf Coast Training Technologies in lieu of Coast Guard examination. As such, the course content is based on the subject material the Coast Guard deems necessary in their examinations as outlined in 46 CFR Part 11.920. Applicants for an Offshore Installation Manager, Barge Supervisor or Ballast Control Operator license are required to successfully complete USCG-approved comprehensive Stability, Fire Fighting, and Water Survival, and Well Control courses. Thus, the depth of coverage of these subject areas, while not as extensive as a particular comprehensive course, serves to reintroduce the student to the basic elements and knowledge already learned in the completed courses. Coverage on additional subjects (e.g. Rules of the Road, Weather, H2S, Radiophone, etc.) is designed to give the student a basic understanding of the subject material with emphasis placed on those areas especially important to the safety of the rig and its crew.
Goal: After attaining the requisite sea service and completion of all required USCG-approved courses, and upon successful completion Gulf Coast Training Technologies "Offshore Installation Manager/Barge Supervisor & Ballast Control Operator Licensing Course", the student will: be able to take responsibility; according to duties prescribed by respective license and position, for the safety of a Mobile Offshore Drilling or Production Unit and its crew; be aware of the obligations under Coast Guard regulations concerning safety and protection of the marine environment; and, be able to take the practical measures necessary to meet those obligations.